Friday, August 29, 2008

The Journey Continues...

I am so excited to soon be releasing my website. It is the fruit of several years of labor and many years of ideas yet unrevealed to the public eye until now.

For me, creating art has helped me heal and has kept me centered in the rough times. When I am not creating, I feel empty. I had about 3 year dry spell due to work, school, and raising my family. I felt like I wasn't being true to myself by avoiding my desires to create art again. The hardest part is getting past the inner critic. I think we all battle with that. Everything I do though, I do with utmost love and so nothing could go wrong when you are creating from that's like being divinely guided. That was the inspiration for my business name.

Always remember to stay true to yourself and never ignore your gifts. I love art because it has the potential to give people joy and it also captures the endless beauty of nature. Those are my intentions...and I will stay true to them.

Namaste~ (I respect that divinity within you that is also within me)