Sunday, April 18, 2010

Richness and time...

I took a little hiatus from my writing in order to replenish my "well". In order for creativity to flourish, you need to fill yourself with richness. How do you do this? As I get older, I realize the value of trading temporary pleasures for lasting fulfillment. What fills you with satisfaction that doesn't leave you with a nasty hangover, an empty bank account, guilt, regret or an influx of mental garbage? We are constantly barraged with a strong focus on materialism and temptation to all kinds of addictions. It becomes typical to lose our grasp on what really matters.

So how do you fill your well when you feel that the clock is your enemy? When I do yoga, I am 100% completely in the moment, not worried about what task I need to accomplish next. Did you notice when you are completely in the moment, that time extends itself to you? I get asked constantly, how do you find the time for everything? You create the time. You are the creator of your life. If you value certain things, then prioritize them. I talk to people who struggle with this every day and it causes a lot of grief. It simply could be a matter of sacrificing a few things that aren't fulfilling to create time for ONE thing that really is. Can you do this? I wish for all of you: relentless focus, the ability to prioritize and the support of those who value positive choices. Simplify and always choose love.