Monday, December 22, 2008


I can not believe that we are soon to be coming upon the end of 2008. In retrospect, this past year was difficult however full of many beautiful moments. I was able to nurture some old friendships. The time I have spent with my daughters has been so valuable. I did suffer a painful bout of post-partum depression but I did not come out of it empty handed. I realized I had a lot of healing to do on all levels and I spent much of the year mending my heart and soul. Now I am more complete and have more to offer others. I decided to become a life coach and will be working on my courses over the next few months. It's very exciting because I have thought about doing this for a long time!

It's been rather chilly and rainy which definitely evokes contemplation. I love the moment when everything is quiet and I can wrap myself in a warm blanket.

Here is a rainbow I caught outside of my house several weeks ago (we've been blessed with rain a few times this month):

I am truly looking forward to 2009. A new president will take office and usher in a wave of change by those who are very aware and want to do good for this earth and the people in it. Lately I've been inspired by flowers, particularly sunflowers. Flowers remind us that even in dark times, inevitably spring will come again.

I hope for everyone that 2009 is a year of progress, peace, completion and abundance. Merry Yuletide!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sickness, Synchronicity, and Silence

Being sick can be extremely humbling.

I've had to seize my creative work for the past couple of weeks because I have been battling a relentless cold and just recently came down with a nasty, painful case of strep throat. In a time of absent action, alot of inner work can be done though. Quiet time is an opportune time to reflect on past projects and think of new ones. If nothing else, we can hand-write in our physical journals while piling up cups that were once filled with hot tea.

After a time of being ill, once I am healthy again I feel like I am a new person and have a chance to start fresh. I always remind myself to maintain gratitude for health. Without our health, we are rendered incapable of many things. thankful and in the meantime don't forget to take your vitamins.

Since I have been forced to slow down, I really have had time to reflect on the power of synchronicity in my life.
Synchronicity is basically meaningful coincidences. Everything is the universe is divinely coordinated. I highly recommend Deepak Chopra's The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire which I have just finished reading. I keep a notebook to write down any synchronistic events that occur and by doing this, I attract even more magical events because I am taking the time to notice them and honor them as they occur.

Here is a real life example... last Tuesday I had the thought that I wanted to devote more time to writing in general and eventually start working on a novel once my children's book is completed. I asked the universe if this was feasible and if I would have a shot at being successful. Two days later, I was driving to the store and while I was stopped behind a car, the license plate in front of me literally said "WRITER". I was astonished and clearly believe this was a sign.

Another real life example... one evening I was telling my husband I really needed a dresser for more storage space for my art supplies and sacred items. The next day, about a block away, someone threw out a dresser. They left it on the curb as garbage. So, we picked it up. It's in decent condition~pecan colored wood. I am going to refinish, repair it, and redo the handles. It's the perfect size and height for what I was needing.

"Everything in the universe happens with an intention." (Chopra, 2003) Intention is the power behind everything. Before anything is materialized, it starts with the power of the thought. When are thoughts get out of control and are no longer positive, that is when we have to enter the silence to make sure our intentions are clear and stem from love.