Monday, March 1, 2010

The greatest gift is of Healing...

If there is anything I can be thank*full for in life lately, it's that I have been able to heal. Human beings are so amazing. My definition of Healing: it means that no matter what happens to us...we have the capacity to move forward. Isn't that beautiful? It means that we are given a second chance even if we've suffered defeat in its' many forms. Healing is a choice. The choice itself is a long and arduous process because sometimes we think in "scarcity". Poverty consciousness means we hang onto things even if they don't serve us just so we still have something, even if it's not good.

So for this I pray for all of my friends and family...I pray for your healing. If you have lost something and you can't replace it, then I hope you can take whatever beauty there was and stow it in your memories. If someone has wronged you, know that there are many people who only do good. Even if you are physically not well, I hope you can explore new ways to repair the damage whether it's a better physician, a more natural cure, or a more positive mindset. Our minds are married to our bodies and our physical healing starts with our thoughts. I'd like to share an excerpt from a poem that I wrote:

Today I decide to feel the warmth on my skin and just know that everything will be alright.

Today I decide that pain is a teacher and you have a choice, you can choose darkness or stick to the light...

You can stare at your losses,

Or turn your cheek and summon strength to help you fight.

Today I open my heart to love and the waves of healing it provides.