Friday, January 29, 2010

Letting Go and Divine De-Cluttering...

If life is a work of art, than how is your canvas looking at the moment? Lately I feel like the energy is stuck in certain areas of my life, it feels like inertia. I know that many of you have experienced this before. It has forced me to really take inventory of my life including my physical belongings. A cluttered environment leads to a cluttered mind.

So I ask you this...what are you still holding on to that no longer serves you? It can be a repetitive negative thought, friendships that have outgrown themselves, clothes that no longer fit, old bills stuffed in drawers, fears around relationships or goals and even self-destructive habits. Starting Monday, we are upon the new month of February. What is your intention for February? Write it down.

I am asking you to take this upcoming weekend and get rid of the things you no longer want. Recycle, make donations, affirm to the universe that you lovingly let go of things that have no purpose for you any more. I promise that you can only benefit from this. I want to create the space for beautiful things to grow, but obviously the space has to be there in my heart, my mind, my environment and my soul. Who is with me?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I embrace change...welcome 2010!!!

I adore the beginning of the year because everyone is filled with optimism. It's a matter of maintaining the momentum and consistently acting upon what we know we need to get done in order to move forward in our lives. This is why I decided to make health & fitness a priority this year. Without a strong body, we can not do the things that feed our souls! I challenge you to write down 5 things that feed your soul and make these things a priority for the next 12 months. See where this takes you.

Some projects are in the undertaking here soon for me. I will be dabbling in graphic design again as I now have brand new software, something I have wanted for awhile. You have to love manifestation! I have also constantly started journaling again, my goal is write a book this year, this time it won't be a children's book. I purchased a beautiful pink leatherbound journal and I let everything spill out in it whether it be complete mental garbage or sweet poetry. I promise you that it's the cheapest form of therapy you can find!

I still offer Life Coaching, intuitive readings, and artwork for those who are interested. I can even incorporate these 3 to get you started off on the right foot for 2010. Please email me if you have any questions about this.

Just a reminder, if you have a little girl, she might enjoy my children's book "The Moon Princess", it's not too late to order a copy:

Order Your Copy of Moon Princess here

There is also a free slideshow of the book in the blog. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I wish you the best in your endeavors!