Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Beauty of the Season

This is an amazing, eventful time of year but at the same time it can be really stressful, right? It can often be a trigger for a lot of emotional issues to surface because we are easily reminded of the things we've lost during the holidays. But I prefer my glass half to almost all the way full! At some point in our life, we all experience loss & drastic changes to our lifestyle but some losses are blessings in disguise. We must put those things to rest and see what cups are still standing. Our instinct is not to just survive but to thrive!

We could all probably put the Snoopy psychiatry booth to use. This was taken at the Mill Ave. Christmas parade on 11/27/10

The end of the year is a great time to take inventory on our lives. We should give ourselves the opportunity to reflect on the year and our accomplishments or lack thereof. I know that many people have expressed to me that they didn't get everything "done" that they wanted to do this year. This is okay. We are blessed with the coming of 2011 and so we can re-intent our goals.

Even if we didn't outwardly accomplish much, there might be some inner work that you've done. It could mean that you became more patient or wise this year. Or maybe you had a shift and became less materialistic or critical of others. For me personally, this year has been a lot about improving my health and physicality by getting out there and moving my body more often...running, hiking, camping, yoga, swimming and rock-climbing. On an inner level, it's been more about allowing myself to set boundaries while figuring out what truly makes me happy. This is also referred to as "keepin' it real". :)

So as the air continually gets chillier, you can warm your heart by reconnecting with those who haven't reached out to in awhile. I just adore this time of year. There is nothing better than snuggling to keep warm. I find great joy in being able to give to the people that I care about. I hope you find great joy this season in the simple things like preparing a delicious meal with love in it, the smell of firewood burning, baby Eskimo kisses, sharing wine with friends and the feeling that everything is quite alright after all...

Happy Holidays and continued gratefulness for football season!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Wisdom gained that I'd love to share...

Hello Everyone,

I am back from a terribly long hiatus. Honestly the past few months have felt really difficult to me. I had to basically "clean house" metaphorically speaking. Let me tell you, once in awhile you have to step back and look at your life objectively and see what patterns, people, habits, things are holding you back. Then you have to be brave enough and willing to do the work to systematically remove them & create space for even new, better opportunities. I talk about this a lot, I know. But I finally went from talking to doing. So now that I've had the time to go inward, I'd like to share with you some of the things I've learned and perhaps it might help you too:

1. Relax when you fall, it hurts less.

When I climbed Humphries Peak this year, I literally fell up the mountain and even more so down the mountain. I can't help but to laugh when I think about it. But I must've slipped about seven times on the way down to the point that I deemed myself a professional faller. When I knew I was about to slam down onto my butt, I literally relaxed my body and it didn't hurt as much. I see this as a metaphor for life. Sometimes you just don't have control over certain aspects of your life, so the best thing to do is, is just surrender because sometimes we have to go through certain things in order to grow. Even if it's really painful like falling and gashing your leg open, if you can be graceful when you do it that's all that matters.

2. After age 30, metabolism goes to hell.

I remember when I was 20 years old in the Army, I could polish off an entire Papa John's Hawaiian pizza and fit in a size 2. Now I even look at a cookie, I have to spend 2 hours in the gym to burn it off. So with this awareness, I had to shift my eating habits and I'm still working on it. It's so easy to turn to food when we feel stressed or emotionally unfulfilled. The lesson here is, keep healthy food in the house so when you do feel the need to stuff your face after a long, stressful day, you can eat something nutritious that benefits you. It's just a good habit to develop, no matter what age you are.

3. Thoughts are most powerful thing we possess.

There is a current trend now where people are being more exposed to the idea of the power of "positive thinking" and quantum physics. This is not just some fluffy new age theory, science is proving how our thoughts create everything in our lives down to our emotional fabrics & our health. I am slowly learning to shift my awareness and attitude. It takes time. But the biggest key to success is maintaining an "attitude of Gratitude". When some bad happens, be in gratitude. When something wonderful happens, be in gratitude. There is always so much to be thankful for in almost every situation. So I return back to this very simple principle when I feel like I am going to fall apart.

This is Oak Creek Canyon, where I went camping with my daughter. It's such a beautiful place to regroup.

4. Never settle.

This is a given, right? Then how come we a majority of us are guilty of this? It boils down to being impatient. The irony is that settling ends up wasting more time in the long haul. Especially in relationships, it's such an easy trap to fall into. We try to paint a prettier picture for fear of being alone. My thought is, it's better to be alone than to be with the wrong person. In any given situation, I think the best thing is to take into consideration not just what you want but also what you need in order to be healthy, successful and fulfilled. Our needs and wants can be bridged if we take the time to sit back & assess what is really going to be right for us.

5. If you think you're accomplishing nothing, it's probably not true.

Everyday I feel a lot of unnecessary guilt and pressure that I put on myself. I really have not been able to do anything creative. All of my energy is devoted to my work and my children. So I look at the empty canvas and frown that I've done nothing. I beat myself up for running 2 miles instead of 10. But it dawned upon me that I am doing the best I can and raising children is a wonderful accomplishment and creation in itself. With that said, if you feel like you've haven't been doing "enough" lately...take a step back and see that you are probably doing more than you give yourself credit for. If you genuinely feel like there is no movement in your life, with the new year approaching maybe it's time to think about where you can shift.

So hopefully this has helped you in some way or another. If not, let it marinate a bit. Thank you so much for reading and I believe I will stay in my writing groove for awhile, more sharing to follow.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Soul Sisterhood

I feel compelled to write about sisterhood...mainly out of sheer gratitude. I have never had a biological sister but throughout my life have been blessed with many soul sisters.

As far as my early experience with female relationships, my mother was never really there for me emotionally. If anything it was vice versa. I felt like I had to be a mother to her since I was five. So a void was created, not having that strong mom to turn to. I still feel that void especially when I am having troubles, sometimes I want that "mom" but she is not there. Furthermore, I was a tomboy growing up and bonded with boys much easier. It's not until I was about nineteen that I started to embrace the beauty of having female friends that I loved as sisters. These beautiful women have inspired me. There are too many amazing memories to count. The best part is knowing that you can have healthy friendships that don't cave into drama and jealousy, which often happens with women.

We are stuck with our biological families but we can choose our friends and choose them wisely. Eventually friends can become family, even closer than blood. When romantic relationships fail miserably, friends are still there to pick up the pieces and dry the tears. When I need something, I know I can pick up the phone and have someone really listen to me and tell me what I need to hear even if it's tough love. That is the most amazing blessing to know that someone cares for you and supports your dreams. Please don't take that for granted.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Your Relationship With Money...

It's amazing how much of our life revolves around money. What is your relationship with money? Is it healthy? Money is energy. It flows. It can allow us great freedom and lack of it, strips us of our dreams. Some things to look at: Are you careless with your budget? Were you raised with the idea of constant lack and scarcity?

Some Helpful Tips

I wrote a list of some ideas that might help you save for the things that really mean a lot to you. I don't like seeing people struggle. If you can't make your bills or are in financial strain, maybe consider some of these tips:

1. Open up a savings account & stash money in there every paycheck, even if it's just $25, it adds up after awhile.

2. Sell what you don't need anymore or things you've outgrown.

3. Trade/barter with a friend.

4. Create a vision board with things you'd like to work towards (if you need help with this, let me know).

5. Make use of whatever free resources you have like the library. Consider doing some things outdoors that are free when the weather cools down.

6. Don't eat out as much. It's pretty common to waste a ton of money on dining. You can cook at home and even make a date of it. This also includes skipping a few nights at the bar, you can drink at home. It is much cheaper & it's not going to kill you to make a small sacrifice.

7. Skip the mall once in awhile and consider second hand stores like Buffalo Exchange. I can understand the desire to have brand new things, but sometimes consigned items can be great.

8. Prioritize your time and see if there is a way to make extra cash with a skill that you have. (as long as it's legal) ;)

9. Visualize prosperity. Any time you panic that you don't have enough, re-wire your thoughts. Like attracts like. Maybe use a positive affirmation. "I am surrrounded with wealth." "All my needs are always provided for."

10. Take a chance and look into making an investment, like stocks.

11. Skip the $4 lattes and make coffee at home. Think about it, if you buy 15 lattes a month, that's $720 a year! Good lord, that's alot of money!

12. Negotiate to have your bills lowered. Sometimes if you call your insurance companies, you can lower your rates. Maybe look at your cell phone plan and see if you are paying for more than what you actual use. This goes for cable too. If you are never home, then why would you pay $60 for something you don't even use.

13. Really re-consider big financial decisions before taking the leap. Always look at what the chances are that you will have a high return on investment. The worst thing you can do is make a hasty decision like buying a home or racking up a college tuition bill that you'll be paying until your 80. A little patience & reconsideration may save you some serious grief.

14. Don't buy into the idea that the economy is terrible and that we are all doomed to be poor. Stay positive. There are alot of people out there who are doing amazingly well financially. You are just as capable as they are, so believe in yourself!

Hopefully some of these tips are helpful to you. If nothing else, I hope that maybe you can reconsider your attitude around money. Furthermore, if you do end up with more than you need, remember to share with those who genuinely need it & keep the good energy flowing. I would love to hear your thoughts!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Letting Go & Allowing Abundance

First of all, Happy August! Today was Lammas which was "the early harvest". It's a time when the grain begins to ripen and we can start to enjoy the fruits of our labor. Before we can harvest anything though, we have to create space. If we do not let certain things go in our lives that are unhealthy, then the same lessons will rear their ugly heads over and over again until we realize that we are in the stranglehold of self-defeating patterns.

Life is meant to be bountiful. If you feel like something is lacking from your cup, then it's time to "clean house". I love using affirmations to help me with situations like this. How about trying, "Today I lovingly let go of things that no longer serve me and allow the new to enter. I trust that the universe has a greater plan for me." You might to need to let go of a negative thought pattern, fear, the need for control, or a relationship/friendship that is unfulfilling. The irony is that you may look back and realize that something you put your energy towards was a complete waste of time and now you are freeing up energy for greater, better opportunities.

Trust me, I know it's not easy. If you have something you are struggling to let go of, journal it and burn it. Have a small ceremony to say "goodbye" to that habit, that person, that negative thought that is holding you back. Ask for the support of your friends or family in helping you let go. Tears could fall, let them out for they are cleansing. There is so much love to be had & there are enough resources to go around. You might even see that you are the only thing standing in the way. Get out of your own way & begin to fill your basket.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The gift of risks...

There are two ways to view choices. You can look at everything through the eyes of fear. Or you can take a risk and choose what makes your soul sing even if it's a more difficult path. It could mean saving up for dream vacation rather than playing it safe and staying local. This might entail scrounging up change and making some sacrifices but if it's what you want, write a list of what it would take, set your intentions and support them with actions. Easy doesn't always mean better. Can you think of a time you took the safer route and it backfired?

This is a painting I did today. It's a 24 X 36 acrylic on canvas.

It's really inspiring when someone takes a risk that is in alignment with their authenticity, isn't it? I ask you to devote yourself to something that might make you uncomfortable at first but may have long term benefits. You never know unless you try to launch that business, take that trip, give a new relationship a chance or go back to school which you've been meaning to but keep putting off. Do it and allow yourself to transform as you take in new experiences. Failure is the inability to give movement a chance.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Receiving and believing...

For some reason, I really struggled this time with sitting down and writing. I felt like whatever I needed to say this month, really needed to come from heart because I know that it is the place where the genuine words really come from. I feel like everyone is really shifting & changing right now. If you've noticed, some of the people that are closest to you end up being on the same page as you and are going through the same type of process or feel similar energies. Like attracts like.

We just had a New Moon on Monday and we have entered a new cycle of change. There are a few things that have been coming up a lot for me and perhaps you can relate. First thing, if you want to bring something new into your life, you can't hold onto the old with a death grip. Make the space otherwise whatever you choose to manifest will only deflect as it will have no place to go if you don't let it in!

The second thing is, allow your yourself to receive. Receiving is synonymous with success. If you set your clear intentions, what you need will show up for you on your path but you must open your arms. I heard several times that if someone offers you something, gracefully take it and be grateful for it. It keeps the good energy flowing! You can't always give. The pendulum swings both ways.

The last thing is, that we need to have faith. The phrase "false hope" confuses me. Isn't hope pure? It's never false. Maybe we feel defeated before we even start sometimes. What is the difference between hope and faith? Hope is a light in the darkness. Faith is: knowing that no matter what even in the worst of times, you never give up. Faith does not waiver. It is constant. When life has bullied us, that's when our faith should be the strongest.

With that said, I decided that there is never a time to fear success or being able to receive exactly what we need, when we need it most. Anything is possible.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Laughter & Summer dreams...

Lately, I find that humor is the not only a reflection of intelligence but also a means to survive life. I can't tell you how many times lately that I have broken out in complete laughter when I was at the breaking point of stress. With my busy schedule, sometimes I am spread thin. Imagine this scenario: rough morning, running late, baby daughter decides to take off all her clothes when I am on my way out the door. She looks me in the eye and pees on the carpet. I think, oh my god...this is my life! I can choose to be angry or I can find the beauty that exists in the horrible moments. It goes back to gratitude. If you can remind yourself that every time something bad happens, it could always be worse. Laughter is so cathartic, especially if you are laughing and crying at the same time. Let it out! You can always reach out to your friends if you are struggling.

the ocean is calling my name...

I decided to commit to the daunting task of writing a book because I have completed my physical goal of finishing my half-marathon which was an *amazing* experience. I will continue to train for another event in the future but I am allowing myself to rest a bit. I'd really love to write satire. If I can squeeze a small vacation in and write my heart out this summer, I will be happy. I'm learning to trust again. I'm learning the importance of refining, cleansing and making space for the new. I'm learning how to balance. As we approach June, I am asking you this: what are your summer dreams? Is there anything out of balance that you would like to see straightened out? I would love to hear what you are wanting to create. Let's share.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Richness and time...

I took a little hiatus from my writing in order to replenish my "well". In order for creativity to flourish, you need to fill yourself with richness. How do you do this? As I get older, I realize the value of trading temporary pleasures for lasting fulfillment. What fills you with satisfaction that doesn't leave you with a nasty hangover, an empty bank account, guilt, regret or an influx of mental garbage? We are constantly barraged with a strong focus on materialism and temptation to all kinds of addictions. It becomes typical to lose our grasp on what really matters.

So how do you fill your well when you feel that the clock is your enemy? When I do yoga, I am 100% completely in the moment, not worried about what task I need to accomplish next. Did you notice when you are completely in the moment, that time extends itself to you? I get asked constantly, how do you find the time for everything? You create the time. You are the creator of your life. If you value certain things, then prioritize them. I talk to people who struggle with this every day and it causes a lot of grief. It simply could be a matter of sacrificing a few things that aren't fulfilling to create time for ONE thing that really is. Can you do this? I wish for all of you: relentless focus, the ability to prioritize and the support of those who value positive choices. Simplify and always choose love.

Monday, March 1, 2010

The greatest gift is of Healing...

If there is anything I can be thank*full for in life lately, it's that I have been able to heal. Human beings are so amazing. My definition of Healing: it means that no matter what happens to us...we have the capacity to move forward. Isn't that beautiful? It means that we are given a second chance even if we've suffered defeat in its' many forms. Healing is a choice. The choice itself is a long and arduous process because sometimes we think in "scarcity". Poverty consciousness means we hang onto things even if they don't serve us just so we still have something, even if it's not good.

So for this I pray for all of my friends and family...I pray for your healing. If you have lost something and you can't replace it, then I hope you can take whatever beauty there was and stow it in your memories. If someone has wronged you, know that there are many people who only do good. Even if you are physically not well, I hope you can explore new ways to repair the damage whether it's a better physician, a more natural cure, or a more positive mindset. Our minds are married to our bodies and our physical healing starts with our thoughts. I'd like to share an excerpt from a poem that I wrote:

Today I decide to feel the warmth on my skin and just know that everything will be alright.

Today I decide that pain is a teacher and you have a choice, you can choose darkness or stick to the light...

You can stare at your losses,

Or turn your cheek and summon strength to help you fight.

Today I open my heart to love and the waves of healing it provides.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Taking the plunge...

Life is short, we all know this. I believe that if you want something, you should go and get it. You can talk about your ideas but the best recipe for succeeding is actually starting! Many times though, we can get discouraged by feeling like we don't have a safety net or a web of support. Being independent is a glorious thing however it's really valuable to know when those around you support your goals. In what ways do you feel supported? Take a moment to write these things down in your journal or on a piece of paper.

What ways can you support your self? It can be through meditation and exercise. Keeping your body and mind healthy sets the foundation from which to grow. Supporting yourself could mean budgeting and putting away a savings for that trip you've been wanting. It can mean not being a "Yes" person and taking up every obligation when you need rest. Take a look around at the resources available to you, maybe do some research and see what's out there. The universe is an abundant place.

Now, in what ways do you not feel supported? Is there something you can do to change this? If you have a close friend, maybe be willing to sit with them and share some of the things you'd like to work on. I am blessed because I am able to do this with my friend Danyell. She lives in New Mexico and yet we are not far apart in our hearts because we hold each other accountable. I think the key ingredient is the honesty that we share. It sometimes in the best interest of the people we care about to not sugarcoat certain things. I am not saying that being brutal is necessary, just gentle truth. The people that matter most are going to stand beside you, without judgement. If you can do the same for others, then things come full circle and the web is completed.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

So Far Fabulous February!

Self-love is the first and last love. With Valentine's Day right around the corner, don't wait for someone else to give you what you need. Why not give yourself a gift? If you take care of yourself, you will have more to give to others. I have some ideas on what you can do and they don't have to be expensive:

*a quiet sea salt bath at night by candlelight before you go to sleep
*set aside 30 minutes to read a few articles out of your favorite magazine
*buy a bouquet of fresh flowers, put them where you can see them often
*make a cup of tea and journal
*cook yourself one of your favorite meals, just for you

Recently, I decided to train for the San Fransisco half-marathon in July. If my knees don't give out, I will be there. I know I will try my best and in the meantime, I am developing more strength and stamina. This made me realize that you have to take a step and look at your reasons for making decisions. If you only focus on making money, there may be no joy in it. How about doing something because you want to for once! Are you willing to start doing some things simply because you absolutely love to do them? Are you making health a top priority? I am commit to doing things that I love and taking care of my body. This is what helps to sustain you so you can go the extra mile, no pun intended. =)

Just a reminder, this Saturday is a new moon. Don't forget to plant your dreams so they can grow!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Letting Go and Divine De-Cluttering...

If life is a work of art, than how is your canvas looking at the moment? Lately I feel like the energy is stuck in certain areas of my life, it feels like inertia. I know that many of you have experienced this before. It has forced me to really take inventory of my life including my physical belongings. A cluttered environment leads to a cluttered mind.

So I ask you this...what are you still holding on to that no longer serves you? It can be a repetitive negative thought, friendships that have outgrown themselves, clothes that no longer fit, old bills stuffed in drawers, fears around relationships or goals and even self-destructive habits. Starting Monday, we are upon the new month of February. What is your intention for February? Write it down.

I am asking you to take this upcoming weekend and get rid of the things you no longer want. Recycle, make donations, affirm to the universe that you lovingly let go of things that have no purpose for you any more. I promise that you can only benefit from this. I want to create the space for beautiful things to grow, but obviously the space has to be there in my heart, my mind, my environment and my soul. Who is with me?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I embrace change...welcome 2010!!!

I adore the beginning of the year because everyone is filled with optimism. It's a matter of maintaining the momentum and consistently acting upon what we know we need to get done in order to move forward in our lives. This is why I decided to make health & fitness a priority this year. Without a strong body, we can not do the things that feed our souls! I challenge you to write down 5 things that feed your soul and make these things a priority for the next 12 months. See where this takes you.

Some projects are in the undertaking here soon for me. I will be dabbling in graphic design again as I now have brand new software, something I have wanted for awhile. You have to love manifestation! I have also constantly started journaling again, my goal is write a book this year, this time it won't be a children's book. I purchased a beautiful pink leatherbound journal and I let everything spill out in it whether it be complete mental garbage or sweet poetry. I promise you that it's the cheapest form of therapy you can find!

I still offer Life Coaching, intuitive readings, and artwork for those who are interested. I can even incorporate these 3 to get you started off on the right foot for 2010. Please email me if you have any questions about this.

Just a reminder, if you have a little girl, she might enjoy my children's book "The Moon Princess", it's not too late to order a copy:

Order Your Copy of Moon Princess here

There is also a free slideshow of the book in the blog. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I wish you the best in your endeavors!