Sunday, July 18, 2010

The gift of risks...

There are two ways to view choices. You can look at everything through the eyes of fear. Or you can take a risk and choose what makes your soul sing even if it's a more difficult path. It could mean saving up for dream vacation rather than playing it safe and staying local. This might entail scrounging up change and making some sacrifices but if it's what you want, write a list of what it would take, set your intentions and support them with actions. Easy doesn't always mean better. Can you think of a time you took the safer route and it backfired?

This is a painting I did today. It's a 24 X 36 acrylic on canvas.

It's really inspiring when someone takes a risk that is in alignment with their authenticity, isn't it? I ask you to devote yourself to something that might make you uncomfortable at first but may have long term benefits. You never know unless you try to launch that business, take that trip, give a new relationship a chance or go back to school which you've been meaning to but keep putting off. Do it and allow yourself to transform as you take in new experiences. Failure is the inability to give movement a chance.

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