Thursday, August 12, 2010

Soul Sisterhood

I feel compelled to write about sisterhood...mainly out of sheer gratitude. I have never had a biological sister but throughout my life have been blessed with many soul sisters.

As far as my early experience with female relationships, my mother was never really there for me emotionally. If anything it was vice versa. I felt like I had to be a mother to her since I was five. So a void was created, not having that strong mom to turn to. I still feel that void especially when I am having troubles, sometimes I want that "mom" but she is not there. Furthermore, I was a tomboy growing up and bonded with boys much easier. It's not until I was about nineteen that I started to embrace the beauty of having female friends that I loved as sisters. These beautiful women have inspired me. There are too many amazing memories to count. The best part is knowing that you can have healthy friendships that don't cave into drama and jealousy, which often happens with women.

We are stuck with our biological families but we can choose our friends and choose them wisely. Eventually friends can become family, even closer than blood. When romantic relationships fail miserably, friends are still there to pick up the pieces and dry the tears. When I need something, I know I can pick up the phone and have someone really listen to me and tell me what I need to hear even if it's tough love. That is the most amazing blessing to know that someone cares for you and supports your dreams. Please don't take that for granted.


Sarah said...

I wish i read this yesterday. You couldnt be more right. Yesterday i spent the better part of the day mulling over why my ex boyfriend isnt truly my friend and why, even though i connect better with men, do they never truly feel like my friends.
Thank you for reminding me that the only true friends a woman can have are other women. I also feel emotionally unsupported by my mother and it has been such a blessing over the last couple of years to deepen my relationships with the other women in my life and see how amazing it feels to be supported in the way only women know how.
Rose, you are one of those women in my life and your friendship means so much. Thank you for writing this and being an inspiration.

Evan Hubner said...

Even though you do not have a biological sister, you have a stepsister, Jessica, who loves you and has been supportive of you since you were little girls together.